Arsenic Asylum Collection

This story will continue….

Here is a gallery of characters inspired by Arsenic Asylum, each character is made from recycled materials and papier mache. 

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Inmate # 015 a.k.a. Blood Cankor

Inmate #015 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1908. Surgeons removed his eyes and used an experimental “brain clamp” in an attempt to alter his aggressive tendencies.

Inmate # 026 a.k.a. Venom Twister

Inmate #026 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1934. Experimental surgery resulted in a single ocular socket; the surgery also damaged a portion of the frontal lobe giving the Venom Twister extrasensory ability.

Inmate # 038 a.k.a. Skull Monger

Inmate #038 was sentenced to Arsenic Asylum in 1922. The Skull Monger was the focus of cranial experiments causing #38’s intelligence to be increased dramatically.

Inmate #052 a.k.a. Rot Jumper

Inmate #052 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1912. The Doctors at Arsenic Asylum believed the Rot Jumper to possess advanced telepathic abilities making #052 a prime candidate for brain research experiment.

Inmate #066 a.k.a. Brain Ripper

Inmate #066 was admitted to Arsenic Asylum in 1901. Arsenic Asylum surgeons had a field day subjecting the Brain Ripper to over one hundred surgeries designed to alter the subject’s homicidal behavior.

Inmate #088 a.k.a. Doom Thrasher

Inmate #088 was sentenced to Arsenic Asylum in 1900. The Doom Thrasher was the first documented case of reanimation as Asylum doctors successfully brought #088 back to life after six months of death.

Inmate #091 a.k.a. Mortar Slayer

Inmate #091 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1937. The Mortar Slayer was the result of adventurous genetic recombination resulting in a horned beast exhibiting extreme carnivorous behaviors.

Inmate #103 a.k.a. Tomb Chucker

Inmate #103 was taken to Arsenic Asylum in 1933. The Tomb Chucker was subjected to solitary confinement due to strong telekinetic abilities; Asylum doctors soon learned that close proximity to #103 could be lethal.

Inmate #109 Bone Gutter

Inmate #109 was locked in Arsenic Asylum in 1920. The Bone Gutter exhibited extreme intelligence and keen motor skills causing him to become a candidate for dangerous neurological experiments.

Inmate #119 Dark Stinger

Inmate #119 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1938. The Dark Stinger spent most of his time under heavy sedation because no other method of treatment could restrain #119’s aggressive behavior. 

Inmate #135 Tomb Snagger

Inmate #135 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1918. The Tomb Snagger was another successful documented case of reanimating the dead. Number 135 was brought back to life eight months after being declared legally dead.

nmate #446 a.k.a. Beetle Snot

Inmate #446 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1940. Doctors were perplexed by Beetle Snot’s level of pain tolerance which caused them to push the limits and expose #446 to excruciatingly painful forms of torture.

Inmate # 173 a.k.a. Filth Ripper

Inmate #173 was committed to Arsenic Asylum in 1923. Traditional treatments failed so Asylum doctors resorted to experimental radiation therapy resulting in dramatic physical and psychological mutations. 

Inmate #211 Slab Jouster

Inmate #211 was locked in Arsenic Asylum in 1904. Asylum scientists learned much about telekinetic abilities by studying the Slab Jouster over the course of six years, during which time hundreds of electroshock treatments were administered.

Inmate # 300 a.k.a. Spine Trader

Inmate #300 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1926. Violent cannibalistic behavior forced Asylum doctors to perform radical surgery on #300 altering bone structure and increasing psychopathic behaviors.

Inmate #269 Horned Retcher

Inmate #269 was held at Arsenic Asylum in 1903. Arsenic Asylum’s first documented case of radiation induced telepathy was the Horned Retcher who began reading the staffs thoughts with 100% accuracy.

Inmate # 229  a.k.a. Black Slayer

Inmate #229 was sentenced to Arsenic Asylum in 1931. Black Slayer was subjected to numerous toxic injections altering his physical structure.

Inmate # 317 a.k.a. Angst Wailer

Inmate #317 put in Arsenic Asylum in 1913. The Angst Wailer was subject to numerous experimental procedures, most involving digesting altered forms of venom which caused #317 to become immune to most toxins.

Inmate # 371 a.k.a. Butcher Fang

Inmate #371 was confined to Arsenic Asylum in 1899. Exuding evil, the Butcher Fang was a candidate for advanced electro-shock therapy which resulted in an increased level of violent behavior.

Inmate # 412 a.k.a. Stench Vexer

Inmate #412 was incarcerated in Arsenic Asylum in 1940. Surgeons altered the skull structure in an effort to reverse acute hysteria, the result left the Stench Vexer is a single eye and mild telepathic powers. 

Inmate #140 Coffin Grappler

Inmate #140 was committed to Arsenic Asylum in 1933. Arsenic Asylum doctors were astonished to learn that the Coffin Grappler possessed astonishing tissue regeneration capabilities after subjecting him to over 56 lobotomies.

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  1. Outstanding sir! Your teasers were awesome, and the final product did not fail to deliver. Arsenic Asylum is the perfect backdrop for these new creations. The bar is officially raised!