Friday, January 12th, 1912

Journal of Dr. Arthur Corman. January 12th, 1912

Today was my first day as a practicing doctor at Reardon Institute. After a large breakfast and many cups of coffee I met my supervisor in the South Wing. Dr. Spencer Ash had been with the asylum since the beginning and was also the chief coroner and ran the crematorium.

I found the idea of someone named Ash running the crematorium to be extremely funny.

Dr. Ash showed me to my new office which was still cluttered with the belongings of the former occupant and proceeded to explain my job responsibilities. In the beginning I would be in charge of two dozen patients. As I grew accustomed to the routine more patients would be added to my roster.

The rest of the day was spent being introduced to each of my patients and getting acquainted with the other doctors and nurses that worked in the south wing.

Around seven o’clock that night I had dinner and headed back to my office to review my patient’s background.. Each file was thick and detailed.

I felt overwhelmed but those feelings soon gave way to exhaustion as I turned off the lights and locked my office and headed up to my quarters.

According to my watch it was two in the morning.

Sleep came fast and deep.

I did not dream.

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