Tuesday, January 16th, 1912

Journal of Dr. Arthur Corman. January 16th, 1912

Tuesday, January 16th, 1912

One week ago today I boarded the train that delivered me to this place. 

A lot had happened during the course of a week and my gut told me there was much more to come.

The medical staff works six days a week and gets one day off.  Today was my free day.

I spent a good part of the morning unpacking my things trying to make my quarters feel more like home.

After lunch I decided to visit the medical library.

I grabbed the books that had been left in my office and double checked my pocket to make sure I had the scrap piece of paper containing the code.

The library was empty except for a short woman sitting behind the main desk. She greeted me as I entered and asked if I needed any help.

I explained that these books were left in my office and I wanted to return them.

She took the books then told me how sorry she was to hear about Dr. Kane, how he disappeared last month.

I simply nodded.

Apparently it had been Dr. Kane that had checked the books from the library.

I didn’t know anything about a Dr. Kane or his disappearance, the only thing I could think about was finding the book.

I asked her to explain the cataloging system used in this library and she obliged.

The first number represented the year the book was published, the second number represented the author’s last name, the third the first name, the letter was the first letter of the book title and the final number represented the number of pages.

Odd system.

Books were placed on the shelves in order of the second and third numbers then arranged alphabetically according to the letter.

It may have been an odd system but it worked.

The book was easy to find, I took it from the shelf and sat at a small table furthest away from the librarian.

The book was titled “Phyllophaga” and contained information about a certain species of beetle.

Seemed Dr. Edmund Kane was head of the Entomology Laboratory at Reardon.

The book documented numerous experiments but focused on efforts to get the beetle larva to graft or attach onto living tissue.

As I thumbed through the pages I noticed several pages were stuck together, closer inspection revealed they had actually been glued together.

Making sure the librarian was not looking I peeled the pages apart to discover photographs hidden between the pages.

There were many pages glue together.

Quickly I closed the book and made my way to the front desk. After checking out I thanked the librarian for her help and sped back to my room.

The book contained many hidden photographs, each one more disturbing than the last.

It looked like the poor souls in the pictures found themselves on the wrong side of the fence.

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